Receiving notice that your debit or credit card has been "compromised" can be unsettling. Unfortunately, this type of fraud is prevalent throughout the United States. Periodically, St. Mary’s Credit Union is notified that a compromise has occurred.

St. Mary’s computer systems are not a part of a card compromise. In most cases, the breach occurs at a business that accepts or processes debit and credit card transactions, such as major department stores, grocery stores or movie theaters.

When a compromise affecting your card occurs, St. Mary’s receives information from multiple outside sources. Due to the sensitivity of the information, details specific to the breach are not always disclosed to us. Therefore, we are often unable to provide the name of the merchant or where the data breach has occurred.


What is a compromised card?

A compromised card means that information (for example a card number, a name, or an expiration date) may have been obtained by an unauthorized source at a merchant or through a merchant’s processor. A compromised card is a card that is at risk of being used fraudulently.

What should you expect if your card is compromised?

If we receive a report that your card information is compromised, we will take every step to ensure the security of your card and accounts with St. Mary’s. If we are notified that your card number has been compromised, we will reissue your card with a different number.  Depending upon the nature and severity of the compromise, we may cancel your compromised card before you receive a new card.

Does this mean fraud has occurred on my account?

A compromised card notice does not necessarily mean any fraudulent activity occurred on your account.  A compromised card means that information, such as card number and name, has been obtained by an unauthorized source, and could be utilized to create a fraudulent card.  By notifying you, we are taking every precaution to ensure your card information and accounts at the credit union are handled with the highest level of safety and security.

How long will it take to receive my replacement card?

To receive a replacement card immediately, stop by any St. Mary's branch for an instant issue card. You can also order a new card in online banking or your mobile app Under “Banking Services” and then “Secure Forms.”  Most cards are received within 1-2 weeks from the date of order.

Is there a charge for the new card?

As a courtesy to our members, under these circumstances, we do not charge the normal replacement fee.

Can the information obtained be used to steal my identity?

The information encoded on the compromised card pertains strictly to the card, potentially including the name, card number and expiration date. Confidential information such as Social Security Numbers, driver’s license numbers, addresses and dates of birth are not stored on the card. Please visit our page titled Prevent Fraud and ID Theft to learn more.

What if I have preauthorized debits made to my compromised card number?

If you have services automatically billed to your card, please remember to provide those merchants with your new card number.