Mobile Deposit


What types of checks can be deposited through Mobile Deposit?

Personal and business checks that are drawn on financial institutions located in the United States may be deposited through Mobile Deposit. The following items, however, CANNOT be deposited through Mobile Deposit:

  • Items drawn on your accounts or on accounts of any business owned by you
  • Items made payable to a party other than you, whether or not endorsed over to you
  • Items stamped or watermarked "Void," "Non-Negotiable" or any other words of similar import
  • Items that have been altered
  • Items that are stale dated (i.e., more than six months prior to date of deposit) or postdated
  • Incomplete items
  • Items from Canada or any other foreign countries
  • Items of poor image quality
  • Savings bonds
  • Counter checks
  • Money Order

How secure is Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit integrates completely with St. Mary's Credit Union's current security systems. The password and multifactor authentication used for Mobile Banking with the SMCU Mobile app also protect your Mobile Deposit transactions.

What do I need to run Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is a secure, app-based system. You will need:

  • An iPhone® or Android smartphone or an iPad® or Android tablet with camera capabilities
  • The SMCU Mobile Banking app, available for free in iTunes or Google Play
  • An account in good standing with St. Mary's Credit Union

Am I able to view my deposit history within Mobile Deposit?

The deposit history can be viewed within Mobile Deposit for thirty (30) days after submission. History prior to that will be available through Online and/or Mobile Banking.

When can Mobile Deposits be submitted to St. Mary's Credit Union?

You can submit Mobile Deposits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including weekends and holidays.

When will my Mobile Deposits be posted into my account?

Mobile Deposits are typically processed like traditional paper deposits, and will be posted on the current or next business day depending on when they are received. In some cases, the window for processing Mobile Deposits may be extended beyond the hours for traditional paper deposits. Mobile Deposits are typically processed like traditional paper deposits, and will be posted on the current or next business day depending on when they are received. Please refer to our Funds Availability Policy to determine when your deposit will be available for use and be on the lookout for our email to confirm whether your deposit has been accepted.

What should I do with the original paper checks after the Mobile Deposits are made?

We recommend that you store original paper checks in a secure location for 60 days. This will allow you to keep track of which checks you have deposited with us and which still need to be deposited. Plus, the software is designed to compare each check to all previous checks that you have deposited. If a possible duplicate item is found, St. Mary's Credit Union will be alerted and all duplicates will be closely analyzed and addressed.

How do I know if the picture quality is acceptable?

Picture quality is required to meet certain specifications, including:

  • Checks should be written in blue or black ink
  • Handwriting must be legible
  • The MICR line must appear fully intact
  • Checks must be made payable to the member in ownership of the receiving account
  • Checks must be signed by the payor
  • Checks must be properly endorsed by the member
  • Checks must be properly dated
  • The numeric dollar amount must match the written dollar amount

If the check picture does not meet any of these specifications, you will be alerted.




How do I sign up for eStatements?

Make sure your email address is up to date within Online/Mobile Banking. You can update this by visiting My Profile and selecting the "Change Email Address". Then, select Banking Services and enroll your accounts by selecting "eStatements".

Which accounts can receive eStatements?

eStatements are available for deposit accounts (excluding passbook and CD's) and for loans that produce a monthly bill.

How do I access my eStatements?

When your monthly eStatement is available, you will receive an email alert. Simply login to Online or Mobile Banking and select the eDocuments link under Banking Services.

Can eStatement availability alerts be sent to more than one email address?

No. For security and privacy, eStatement alerts can only be sent to one email address.

Is there a fee for eStatements?

No. eStatements are FREE!

Are eStatements safe and secure?

Yes. eStatements reside on our secure, highly-encrypted servers and are only accessible by entering your personal user ID and password. Plus, they reduce the risk of identity theft through stolen paper statements.

Can I choose any date to receive eStatements?

Currently, no. Your eStatement will be available at the same time as your current paper statement.

How many months of eStatement history will be available?

When you enroll for eStatements, your history will begin to build each month until you have at least 24 months of eStatements.

Are eStatements available for business accounts?


What if I need a copy of one of my checks? Can I view and print my checks with eStatements?


Will eStatements look the same as paper statements?

Yes, eStatements are identical to paper statements.

If I am unable to print my eStatement, how can I get a copy?

Contact our Member Solutions Center at 508-490-8000 and they will be happy to provide you with a copy.

What should I do if I want to change back to paper statements?

If for any reason you wish to revert back to paper statements, visit banking Services then eStatements to update your statement delivery preference.  You can also contact our Member Solutions Center at 508-490-8000.

Can all of my accounts be combined into one eStatement or will I have separate eStatements for each of my accounts?

If your deposit accounts are currently combined on your paper statement, you will receive combined deposit account eStatements. Uncombined accounts will have separate eStatements. If you wish to combine your deposit accounts, please contact the Member Solutions Center at 508-490-8000.

If I have more questions, who can I contact?

If you have questions about eStatements, our Member Solutions Center and our branch Representatives will be happy to assist you. Simply call us at 508-490-8000 or visit any branch today.