We Are Proud to be St. Mary's Credit Union

At St. Mary's, we are more than just a financial institution: we are also a trustworthy member of the community we serve.

As a not-for-profit organization, our purpose is not to take money from our members — but to actually provide a safe and secure place for them to keep and invest their assets. After all, our members are also the owners of the credit union!

We also pride ourselves in our unparalleled member service, so when you walk into one of our branches, chances are someone will know you by name. Come see us today and experience the St. Mary's difference.

Our Promise to You

At St. Mary's Credit Union we strive for excellence in everything we do. Our members are the owners of our credit union and deserve to be treated as such each and every day. This is our promise:

  • You will be treated with respect, courtesy and honesty by a knowledgeable and friendly credit union employee in a clean and professional setting.
  • We will listen to you to understand your financial needs. We will then recommend the solutions best for you and implement what you decide.
  • Your relationship with us is a confidential one and we promise you timely, accurate and secure financial records.
  • We will earn your trust through our great financial products and quality service, and we will always appreciate your business.

Our Mission

The mission of St. Mary's Credit Union is to be here for our members.

Our Vision

Our mission will be achieved by providing exemplary personal service — combined with high-tech access, convenience for our members, and supporting our communities as responsible corporate citizens.

Our Values

Our vision will be achieved by remaining true to our core values:

  • Service excellence in everything we do
  • Partnership in the communities we serve
  • Teamwork to achieve our common goals
  • Financial strength and soundness

Our Brand Proposition

St. Mary’s Credit Union is like a bank, only better. We value people over profit, customers instead of shareholders and communities above corporations.

Our History

Since its founding in 1913, St. Mary's Credit Union has offered its members an alternative to traditional banks. Because members own the credit union, every decision we make is based on the best interests of our member/owners.

St. Mary's Parish Credit Union was founded in 1913 to promote savings and provide a source of credit for the city's mostly blue-collar French Canadians employed in shoe factories. Today, St. Mary's Credit Union serves members from all walks of life, including newly-arriving immigrants coming to the United States in search of their American dream.  

Until recently, St. Mary's Credit Union primarily served the residents of Marlborough and surrounding towns. Utilizing the benefits of technology and electronic delivery channels, St. Mary's now offers membership benefits to a much broader geographic region that includes all of Middlesex, Worcester, Norfolk and Suffolk counties.

We take pride in our rich heritage and great history. However, we are also a very forward-thinking institution, and we know that growing organizations cannot rest on their past accomplishments. At St. Mary's Credit Union we are always looking forward to offering our members new products, new services, and new technology, while keeping the friendly, reliable service they have come to know and trust.

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