It's hard to believe that the simple journey we set out on over 100 years ago--to make life better for French-Canadian shoe factory workers in Marlborough, MA—proudly continues today as a nearly $900 million financial institution that serves members from all walks of life.

The very defining values on which we were founded--service, commitment, and respect for our members--remain as strong as the day we began over 100 years ago. Our focus back then, and today, is to serve our members and our communities.

We encourage you to learn more about the Credit Union's history and our plans for the future by watching our brief video, Working for You: The Movie or reading our biography, Working for You: The History of St. Mary's Credit Union, 1913-2013.

Thank you for your support, and for entrusting your financial goals, dreams, and aspirations to St. Mary's Credit Union. We look forward to working for you and our communities for generations to come.