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Popmoney® is an innovative personal payment service that eliminates the hassles of checks and cash. Popmoney allows you to send and receive money from anyone in the U.S. as easily as you send and receive email and text messages. Best of all, you don't need a separate account. Just use your current St. Mary's accounts in Online Banking!

Popmoney is ideal for sending money to college students, family members and friends that live far away or travel often.

Popmoney: Person to Person Payments
  • Send money using the recipient's name and email address, mobile number or checking/savings account information.
  • Send special gifts with a Popmoney eGreeting card.
  • If your recipient's financial institution is part of the Popmoney network, they can complete the transaction from their own financial institution's online banking site. If not, they can go to to pick up the funds and direct the funds to their bank account.
  • Request money from anyone with a U.S. based mobile phone or email address.
  • Use Popmoney to request money owed, a contribution for a group gift, or even for fundraising.
  • Request a specific amount of money (minimum of $10) or an open donation amount.
  • Assign a due date for the requested money and send payment reminders.
  • Add customized messages to your requests.
  • Setup the request to directly deposit the funds into your checking, money market or savings accounts.
  • You will receive an email or text message telling you someone sent you money.
  • Log in to your St. Mary's Online Banking account to direct the funds to your account.
  • Setup auto deposit to have Popmoney payments automatically deposited into your St. Mary's account.

How can I send money using Popmoney?

You can send money using a person's name and email address*, mobile number or bank account.

Email address: The recipient will receive an email with instructions on how to direct the payment into their checking or savings account.

Mobile number: The recipient will receive a text message with instructions on how to direct the payment into their checking or savings account. If the recipient doesn't act in 3 days, they will receive a text message reminder to act on the payment notification. Message and Data charges from your telecommunications provider may apply.

Bank account information (routing and account number): The money will be deposited into the recipient's bank account. You may choose to notify the recipient by sending an email message.

*Beginning October 18, 2014, the recipient's email address will be required when adding a new contact within Popmoney.

When will the funds be available in the recipient's account?

Funds may be available in the recipient's checking or savings account as early as one business day from the date they accept the funds. The recipient will receive a confirmation email with the date the funds will be in their account.

What type of accounts can I send the payments to?

Payment can be directed to a checking, savings, or money market account held at a U.S. financial institution.

Do payments expire?

Yes. The recipient has 10 days from the date of the payment notification to provide checking or savings account information. After 10 days, if the funds have not been accepted, the payment expires and the funds are returned to the sender.

Is the Popmoney service secure?

Yes! Popmoney was created with your financial security in mind. Popmoney is built on the industry's leading online money movement platform and utilizes superior risk management and fraud protection services. This is the same online money movement platform used by thousands of financial institutions, including many of the nation's top banks.

What are the different ways I can request money from someone?

You can request money from someone using their:

Name and email address: your contact will receive an email with instructions on how to pay the request

Name and mobile number: a text message will be sent to the recipient on your behalf with instructions on how to pay the request.

When will I receive the funds I request?

The person you requested money from has to sign up with Popmoney, if not registered already.

Once he/she has signed up successfully and pays against the request, you should receive the payment within three business days. The payment will be deposited into the eligible transaction account you selected when sending the request.

Are there any fees to use Popmoney?

There are nominal fees to send and receive money through Popmoney. Please view our Fee Schedule for more information.

Do I pay a fee if my request is not paid?

No. A fee will be deducted only if you receive a payment. No fee will be charged if the request is not paid.

When will funds be available in my account?

Your funds will be available as early as one business day from the date that you provide your eligible transaction account information. You will receive a confirmation email when the credit is sent to your bank account with the date the funds will be in your account. Please review our Funds Availability Policy for details.